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SUN Double Holding Valves

SUN Holding Valves - Smooth, chatter free cylinder control. Locking counterbalance valves are usually mounted directly to a cylinder to lock it in position when the directional valve is in neutral. Counterbalance valve provides smooth, positive control over a cylinder with a high load-generated pressure tending to cavitate it, such as on booms, cranes or outriggers, or on overcenter applications. Used on booms and manlifts to protect against damaged hoses - valve will not allow cylinder to move until there is positive pressure to the opposite port. Also includes thermal relief. Single valves for cylinders loaded in only one direction. Dual valves lock cylinder in both directions, and for overcenter applications. Standard pilot ratio 3:1 Aluminum body, steel valve cartridge. Set valve 1.3 times load-induced pressure. Turn adjustment screw CW to decrease setting, all the way in to release load manually. Factory setting 3000 PSI.

Connections: C1 & C2 to cylinder ports, V1 & V2 to valve ports