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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Welding rod eye 1c (Pump & Motor Repair Here)

Hydraulic Cylinder repair service in Rochester NYALL SIZES

We rebuild cylinders from 1/2″ bore to 24″ bore and strokes to over 30 ft. Capacities to hundreds of tons.


American, Canadian, European, Japanese, and others.


Construction, Industrial, Agricultural, Refuse, Logging, Marine, Forklifts, etc.

Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Water-Driven.

WE MAKE PARTSKeith & Expander Cyl 003C

Our machine shop makes most of the metal parts we use for our rebuilds. We make new rods, glands, pistons, even barrels to precisely fit your cylinder.

Casella compactor cyl. 6-4-14 009 BProfilometer 4e