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Yates Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders

Getting The Correct Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders are our business. We have sold Yates Industrial Cylinders for over 2 decades in new applications, and as replacements for other manufacturers’ industrial tie rod cylinders. We understand how to design hydraulic cylinders, and know very well how to specify them. 

There are tens of thousands of possible Yates industrial hydraulic cylinder configurations, so they are all built to order. But rest assured, we know all the details necessary to get you the right cylinder. 

Hydraulic Cylinder Design and Repair

We can help redesign problem cylinders, and of course, we can test and repair cylinders by Yates, and all other manufacturers. Yates is still small enough to give great individual service, even though it has become one of the larger American cylinder manufacturers.

An Example of Yates’ Service 

A large plastic blow molding plant has had continuing rod seal leakage in their press cylinders (4, 5, 8 inch bore JIC cylinders – 3000 PSI). Even brand new cylinders from major brand manufacturers were leaking after less than a year. (They run 24/7 so that’s a lot of cycles, but still…) The hydraulic cylinders on many of their machines are mounted above the products; hydraulic oil leaked on bottles destined for scientific or medical use turns them into useless waste. If cylinders leak it’s a big problem!

We worked with the engineers at Yates to develop a new gland and rod seal configuration for them to test on one of their large blow molding machines. The new design had to be customized so it would exactly interchange with the original cylinders on the press, even though the redesigned gland is larger than the original. They put it on the machine, and paired it with a new cylinder from the machine manufacturer. And today it’s still running leak-free, although the original style cylinder had to be replaced. We are now designing replacement cylinders for several of their other machines.

Yates Hydraulic Cylinders

Expander cylinder: rated capacity over 1,300,000 lbs.

Another Yates Industrial Hydraulic Success Story 

Another customer needed to build an expander for custom steel alloy parts they forge. Their old expander no longer had the power to stretch the rings they were currently making. We worked with their plant engineers to design a 600 ton expander utilizing one of the largest bore JIC cylinders Yates makes. Just to give you an idea of its size: the end plates are 3 ft. square and 10 inches thick, solid steel. Even though the stroke is only 12 inches, the cylinder weighs in at 10,000 lbs! Their new expander turned out to have almost twice the power as the original.

How To Specify an Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder, NFPA Cylinder, or JIC Cylinder

Each of these is chosen from the manufacturer’s list to develop the model number. Most of them can also have non-standard sizes or modifications

  1. Medium (air, hydraulic), Pressure rating
  2. Mounting style (clevis, flange, etc. – there are over 2 dozen standard standard styles)
  3. Single or Double Rod
  4. Cushions (yes or no, location)
  5. Bore diameter
  6. Piston seals (type & material)
  7. Stroke length
  8. Ports (type, size, & locations)
  9. Rod diameter
  10. Rod end type & size
  11. Special features (rod extension, prox. switches, LDT, etc)

Most of our customers just call us with their requirements, a manufacturer’s model number, or send in their old cylinder for us to measure & specify.


Have a Hydraulic Cylinder Project?

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