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Rotary Flow Dividers - Gear Type

50-50 Gear Type Flow Dividers

Much more accurate than spool type dividers!

Synchronize flow to 2 cylinders. (Use only one divider for 2 cylinders.) 2 sets of gears on a common shaft divide / recombine flow with more precision than spool type dividers. Integral reliefs allow one side to bypass while the other "catches up" at the end of a cylinder stroke (but do not function as system relief). Most accurate when used near maximum flow.

EXAMPLE: we used one of these to synchronize two 9 ft. cylinders swinging up a 40 ft wide hanger door. At the end of the lift they were off only about 2 inches, which took just a couple seconds to make up. (The internal reliefs allow this to happen automatically if you just hold the valve down.)