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Prince Hand Operated Pumps

The Prince Hand Pump is designed to power a hydraulic cylinder using hand power only. It can be used wherever hydraulic pressure is needed without large flow requirements, from mobile equipment to shop presses. It is often used as an emergency pump for crucial cylinders when power fails.

As supplied, it will power, hold, & release a single acting cylinder (power up, gravity down).  It may be used with double-acting cylinders provided a two-way hand valve is installed between the pump & cylinder, and a return line is connected to the auxiliary port on the reservoir.

It has a versatile handle which can be attached in a horizontal position (shown), or vertically. The pump fulcrum can be attached in 3 different positions, giving increasing pressure and decreasing volume outputs. Position 1) 1.25 cu. in. per stroke - 1500 psi*, Position 2) .95 cu. in. per stroke - 2000 psi*, Position 3) .60 cu. in. per stroke - 3000 psi*.   Pump can be also be mounted vertically, with hose port down. Most general purpose hydraulic oils can be used. Pump is easily repaired and replacement seals & parts are readily available.

*At applied force of 60-65 lbs. on handle.  Pressure to 6000 psi can be developed with more force