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We frequently get hydraulic questions about log splitter problems, building splitters, repairing log splitters, etc., and this post is just one common example.

Brandon asked:  “So I am building a log splitter with a hydraulic log lift, I want to have a lever on both sides of the splitter to operate it, what would be my options?”

Brandon, good question!  I had to think about this one. But the answer is simple: you can just put tees in your 2 cylinder lines, and run the lines from both valves into them. You put a standard valve on each side. The first valve should have a power beyond adapter – run a line from it to the 2nd valve inlet, as shown in my sketch here.

When the valves are centered, they block the cylinder ports, so there won’t be any interference when the opposite valve is used.
You may want to put restrictors in the cylinder lines to keep it from going too fast for the lift.

NOTE: the tees could also be installed in the ports of one valve, with lines connecting to the other valve, so you’d only have 2 lines running out to the cylinder.

PDF Sketch: 2 Valves, 1 Cylinder