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SV Valve Joystick handle kit w/ offset handle rod - 660180018

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180018 SV Valve Joystick handle kit w/ offset handle rod

(order #300011 Rubber Boot separately)

This is a special handle for the model SV stack valve that allows the spools of two adjacent sections to be operated by one common handle. The spools can be operated independently or simultaneously depending on handle movement. The option is normally used on spring center to neutral sections, but can also be used on other sections such as float sections. This handle is normally installed on valves assembled at the factory but can be installed on work sections that have handle option 3 or 9. The drawing at right shows two joysticks with offset handles installed on a six section valve. When two joysticks are installed on the same valve assembly it is recommended that there be two standard sections between them to prevent handle interference. A two section spacer is available, part no. 660380002.

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