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Prince LSR-3060-3 Rapid Extend Logsplitter Valve

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Prince LSR-3060-3 Rapid Extend Logsplitter Valve

High speed performance with a 3 - 4 GPM pump!

  • Special Regen Position for blazing fast extend stroke
  • Requires only 3 - 4 gal. reservoir
  • Can use small tractor hydraulic system
  • Relief valve adjustable up to 3500 PSI
  • 1/2" NPT in & out ports, 3/4" npt work ports
  • Handle can be installed "up" or "down"
  • Pressure-released detent on retract

HOW THE LSR VALVE WORKS: Just press the handle all the way in for high speed "Rapid-Extend" performance. The cylinder will split many logs in the fast mode, but if it can't, just pull the handle back a little and get the full power of your cylinder to break the split open (about 4 times the force of the high speed mode). This motion will become "natural" after just a few splits. Then shift into the detented retract position and reach for the next log.


Prince Log Splitter Valve specification chart

TYPICAL PERFORMANCE with a 3 GPM pump, and a 4" bore cylinder with a 2" rod:

  • Rapid-Extend speed: 3.7" per sec. (24" in 6.5 sec!) Full bore speed: .92" per sec.
  • Rapid-Extend force: 7,850 lbs @2,500 PSI, Full bore force: 31,400 lbs
  • Retract speed: 1.22" per sec.
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